What is Tough Zebra?

Connect your smart wearable device to our mobile app

Automatically connect your Apple Watch or Footpod to our app. Don't have a wearable tracker? You can still use our app without a smart device.

Start your treadmill run

Place your phone on the treadmill or project the screen to a TV or monitor. Your character in our mobile game synchronizes with your actual speed!

Make cardio FUN with our game!

Running on a treadmill can be boring. Unlock levels, win trophies, collect calorie coins, get training advice and listen to music while exercising

Train and unlock your potential

Improve your performance by listening to our trainers while burning calories. Track your progress with workout data and history.

Download Tough Zebra

Tough Zebra is a mobile app that transforms your cardio into fun. Play our game, unlock levels and listen to our trainers while burning calories. Subscribe below to stay tunned with our release dates!

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We are planning to launch Tough Zebra in early May of 2019. Subscribe below and stay tunned!

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